Brand new single - "Favorite Girl"

Justin Bieber Favorite Girl

Justin Bieber on MTV's "My Date With..." this FRIDAY!!

You heard it here first ...

Justin Bieber introduces Taylor Swift at the VMAs on MTV

Justin Bieber introduces Taylor Swift at the VMAs on MTV in New York


Taylor Swift mentions Justin Bieber at the MTV VMAs

Taylor Swift mentions Justin Bieber at the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) in New York

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Justin Bieber MTV VMAs - Red Carpet introduction


Justin Bieber live from the Red Carpet in New York for the MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards). Justin talks about looking forward to seeing Beyoncé perform, and gives a shoutout to one lucky girl.

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The XAT is BACK!

That's right, the #1 Chatroom for Justin Bieber fans is back!

Please read all chat rules before you chat, and remember that the chatroom is not intended for kids 12 and under. Chat at your own risk, this unofficial chatroom is not run by Justin or his label.

Have fun, and be sure to give out the link to every Justin fan you know!

Official Chat Rules *Updated Sept 16th*

** There have been some complaints regarding moderators. If you have a complaint about being removed from the chatroom, please send a complaint message. A copy of the chat will be immediately reviewed by BieberTeam staff.**

1) Don't share personal info like email addresses, MSN ids, full name, location, phone number or school in the public chat. If you want to share those things, discuss it in a private chat.

2) Justin is extremely busy on a promotional tour this summer and will not be visiting the chatroom. But you can still chat with other Justin Bieber fans and support him in his journey! When Justin does come in the room, you will know far in advance, and the red banner will turn green. BieberTeam is not Justin.

If someone tells you they're Justin Bieber, don't believe it!

3) No swearing - keep it clean :)

4) If you're rude, you might get banned. Its just how it is. If someone bugs you, message a moderator. They're the ones with the white/orange icons and the stars by their names.

5) Absolutely no posing as Justin. Do it and you'll be permanently banned.

6) No lies about Justin. If you think you know something is true then say that. Don't pretend you know him, are talking to him on the phone, sitting beside him, are his girlfriend, or chat with him on his "real" facebook. If any of those things really ARE true, you wouldn't say them in a chatroom.

7) The chat room is not a place to encourage breaking the law, or the rules. Never promote things like hacking, trolling, illegal file-sharing/downloading, etc.

Message a moderator if you have a question and send a message to FansOfJustin if you want to be considered as a moderator or member of the official street team, BieberTeam!

Have fun!